About us

Lifecode Technologies is a Private Limited company incorporated in the year 2013 and backed by a bunch of passionate genomic scientists with the aim to offer reliable genomic solutions to improve lives. The company was formed to realize the passion of its founders to deliver reliable, scientifically backed , state-of-the-art and cost-effective diagnostic solutions to physicians and care-givers, and fill in the unmet gap in translation of genomic technologies from bench to bedside.

Our founding group comprises of an unique combination of scientists encompassing the entire spectrum of genomic applications and high-end data analysis. The founding team has also to its credit, many key publications in the area of genomics and genomic applications encompassing a wide variety of technologies and applications. Over last one and half year we have a put together a strong team of scientists and built a state of the art laboratory for experimental genomics and molecular biology as well as computational infrastructure for data analysis. We have also made innovative logistic tie-ups with public and private R&D institutions to have broad range of technology platforms for data generation, making us a unique organisation to be able to offer end-to-end Genomics solutions of the highest quality  for our clients.

To begin with we are focusing in the field of Personalized Medicine by filling in the unmet gaps and accelerate its transition from bench to bedside. We specialize in design and development of Molecular Diagnostics assays and panels. In this area, we provide molecular assays either directly or through technology transfer in a build-operate-transfer model to our partner pathology laboratories, hospitals and other companies looking to move into molecular diagnostics and genomics space. Besides we are also leveraging our R&D strength to provide end-to-end research services to academia and industry.


Jameel Ahmad Khan PhD

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

Jameel is a Scientist turned entrepreneur. He has finished his PhD in the area of Toxicogenomics at the CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (CSIR-IGIB), New Delhi, in 2009. After finishing his PhD, he moved to USA for a brief post-doctoral stint at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN in the area of Nanobiotechnolgy where he was engaged in development of nanoparticle based targeted drug delivery systems. Later, he moved to Germany to work as a postdoctoral scientist in Cancer Biology to study tumor cell invasion. At the end of 2013 He decided to move back to India to found Lifecode Technologies Pvt. Ltd which  which aims to design, develop and deploy technology solutions to “improve quality of life”. He is well versed in a range of areas like Nanotechnology, Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Genomics and Genomic Applications. Currently, he works as Managing Director of Lifecode and manages its day to day activities and leads its operations and research.